The salary at ASK is paid in Kuwaiti Dinar, which you can then transfer to your home country at your convenience. Due to the changing exchange rate and the lack of a base salary increase, the USD value of the monthly salary as decreased significantly over time.

The graph below shows the value of the salary, in US Dollars, over time:


Whereas in most international schools or public schools in the United States teachers expect COLA to their salary each year, teachers at ASK have tended to make less money each year. This is offset by the annual raise each teacher gets of 60 KD = $200.06 USD. (This works out approximately to making 5 KD = R16.67 US Dollars per month more, each year.)

Salary Information From the ASK Website:

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 07.44.23

To offset some of this loss, ASK added an expat bonus. This is paid to expat teachers only (not teachers on local contract) and is equal to 300 KD per year. As of writing, that increases the monthly salary back by another 84 US Dollars per month.

It should be noted that this increase was not added to the base salary. The reason for this is to save money in the indemnity structure.

What is indemnity?

In Kuwait, workers earn indemnity for each year they stay with their employer. This is a payment given to the employee at the conclusion of their contract when they leave Kuwait. The value is calculated in this way:

You earn 0.5 months salary for each year that you work, for the first 5 years.

Beginning Year 6, you earn 1 month salary.

So, in order to avoid adding to the amount that they pay teachers when they leave Kuwait, this was added as a bonus outside of the base salary structure.

Another note about indemnity

Approximately one to two weeks before you leave Kuwait, the school will take all departing teachers to a government office. The purpose of this office is to prevent fraud – the officers here will ask each teacher, in a private office, whether or not they have received their final indemnity payment in full already. Before the teachers get on the bus, the school has an office worker tell them what will happen, and that each teacher should say that they have received their indemnity in full already, even though they have not. They will tell you that they promise to pay you the full indemnity, but they simply can’t give it to you yet.

So, in short, the school is giving every teacher that leaves direct instruction to lie to officers of the Kuwait government. Also, if the school decides not to give a teacher their full indemnity after this point, the teacher has no plan of recourse, as they have already declared that they have received the payment.


It is good to be a Canadian at ASK:

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