There are a lot of current vacancies

The American School of Kuwait currently has 9 vacancies. This is quite a lot for the last week of school – it seems that the increased salary package is not enough to entice candidates to sign a contract. At this time last year, there were 6 vacancies, so it seems that the recruiting situation is deteriorating over time. Here are the current vacancies:

Current Vacancies

Note that it is possible that there are more than 9 current vacancies as there could be the need for more than one teacher of the same subject. ASK does not list multiple openings as separate job listings – probably a wise choice.

If you can measure a school’s recruiting performance by the number of jobs it still needs to have filled this late in the recruiting cycle (we think that you can), then the chart below is quite interesting. We went through every single job listing on TIEOnline and we counted the number of vacancies at each school.

There are currently 143 schools using TIEOnline to try and fill 654 positions. Of these 143 schools, 3 also need to fill 9 positions, 130 need to fill fewer than 9 positions, and 10 need to fill more than 9 positions. That would put ASK in the bottom 9%, an unenviable position. Here is a graph that highlights ASK’s position:


Essential Question: Is ASK not explaining its new salary structure to candidates clearly enough, or is the salary just not desirable to candidates?

Enduring Understanding: Happy teachers stay longer, giving the school fewer positions to fill in the first place. Schools with happy teachers also have an easier time recruiting in general.

Upcoming Site Maintenance

During the middle of this week (Wednesday night to Thursday morning), the American School of Kuwait Reviews website may experience some downtime as we work on altering the design and format of the website. While we conduct this maintenance, we will redirect the domains “” and “” to the International Schools Review website. If you find yourself there, we encourage you to purchase a subscription.

We hope that the site will be down for less than 1 hour as we make the changes, but if problems persist in the changeover, it may be up to 24 hours. When we return it will be with an entirely different appearance, format, and with a bit of an announcement.

As the school year winds down, so too have the posts. We anticipate the last day of school to be our last day of regular updates, barring any major news. We anticipate having 1-2 more updates on readership as well as an update on recruiting progress and will also put out any news that comes across our inbox.

ASK Reviews: Essential Reading

When we began ASK Reviews, our goal was to post about the biggest issues affecting ASK: Salary, housing, child protection, and decision-making that had a goal of generating profits rather than providing the best possible education for students. As we have continued to post, we transformed from this to a source of news about current events at the school.

We want to use this post to draw your attention back to those original core issues. Below is a list of articles, grouped into categories, that we feel a new reader to The American School of Kuwait Reviews should start with, particularly if they are a potential candidate for employment.

Housing and Buses

The housing that ASK provides its teachers can be quite nice, but there are downsides, many of which stem from the fact that school administrators don’t necessarily make good landlords. There are also safety issues regarding both the buildings and the surrounding neighbourhood. Check out these articles to learn more:

The neighborhood where teachers are housed can be dangerous

Teacher Housing at ASK

More on Teacher Housing – Clean Up the Gym, Mr. Macho-Man and More

The bus company at ASK.

Seal your windows!

The Dunes is Falling Apart

Teacher Housing at ACA

Teacher Housing at UAS

Comparing School Housing

Salary and Benefits

The salary offered at ASK was competitive… once upon a time. ASK teachers went nearly ten years without a raise. The school increased pay with an entirely new salary structure announced during the 2018-2019 school year, but no information has been provided in writing to current faculty. Read below to find out more about salary, keeping in mind that unknown changes are occurring:

ASK has a contract clause that violates Kuwaiti labor laws

ASK pays less than AUS (American United School of Kuwait)

Salary at ASK

Airline changes: Low morale and another reason not to accept a contract from ASK.

We now have salary information for AIS.

Pay Raises and Bonuses!

Regarding the New Pay Structure

Indemnity Checks are Ready, Please Dry off From the Water Fight First

Child Protection

ASK has had many problems with child protection, including their inability to handle an abusive faculty member (who still is employed and has daily contact with children), and lack of a general transparent policy to deal with accusations of misconduct. Read more below:

Child Protection is Imperative

Child abuse in Kuwait.

Child abuse at the American School of Kuwait.

Child Abuse Incident Reporting Form

Faculty Protection Improves Child Protection


There are many more “essential” articles available in the index, but these represent a great place to begin. As always, thank you for reading the American School of Kuwait Reviews.

Update on Readership (May 25 2019)

Just a short post to update you on readership levels. The month of may currently has 10,480 views. At the current rate, May will be the second most read month, by views, within just a few hours. We expect within 2-3 days that May 2019 will become the highest read month of all time.

Update on Readership 1

No news is good news though, and things at ASK have calmed down a bit from last week. We are preparing an announcement that will coincide with a site redesign to be released on the last day of school. If anything happens between now and then, we will be sure to provide you with updates and analysis.

2018-2019: A Year in Review🔥🔥🔥

We have put together a timeline of major events at ASK and ASKR from the past school year.

ASKR Timeline 2019.png

Below is a recap of all of our posts from this school year, categorized by month. Enjoy!


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Is Search Associates On Your Side?


As teachers begin to prepare to recruit and find a new job, one important choice they face is what services they will use for recruitment. The two usual choices are Search Associates and ISS (now known as ISS-Schrole Advantage). Many teachers, for convenience, stick with the choice they made the very first time they went overseas – a choice that was often uninformed and under-researched. It behooves you to understand a bit about how these recruiting companies operate financially so that you can understand where your agent’s loyalties may lie.

Here is the fee structure for Search Associates

  • Schools pay a $2000 membership fee and then pay $1980 per teacher hire
  • Teachers pay a $225 membership fee (membership lasts for 3 years)

Here is the fee structure for ISS-Schrole Advantage:

  • Schools pay a one-time fee between $5,300 and $20,000 dollars (dependent on school size), but do not pay any cost per hire
  • Teachers pay a $75 annual membership fee

Right off the bat, you can see that ISS costs schools more and candidates less. Being paid by schools on a per-candidate basis means that Search Associates real loyalties are going to lie with their schools. Like any free market, many of these schools will be great and many will be average, and many will be below-average or even bad. Search is going to be blind to this though, and encourage you to be open to any job because if they can get you placed in any school, they’re going to rack up the cash.

ISS, on the other hand, is charging both schools and candidates a flat fee. This gives ISS an advantage as it can act with a fiduciary responsibility to both schools and to candidates – there is not a cash incentive waiting for a placement. While a school recruiting companies reputation may go down if they place many candidates with bad schools, you better believe that the blow is softened then they get paid 2000 dollars each time they do it.

Search is basically acting like a real estate agent representing both sides of a deal – they get double paid. In this analogy, the real estate agent has an interest in keeping the price high as they get a percentage of the sale value. In teacher recruiting terms, it simply means that Search is going to work hard to get you a job, regardless of whether it is a good job or not.

Is Search Associates bad? No, they’re not. But when you recruit with Search Associates and your associate is pushing you to interview with schools outside of your stated comfort zone, you should at least be aware of why they are doing it.

Is ISS-Schrole Advantage immune to these problems? No, they’re not. You should do your due diligence for any school you recruit with as well as for any recruiting agency you choose to use. You should be aware that nobody is going to look out for your own interests better than you will, and that you owe it to yourself to make careful decisions, especially when they are of this magnitude.

Source for ISS Data