Welcome to The American School of Kuwait Reviews. You can see current vacancies for the 2019-2020 school year to the right.

The American School of Kuwait is a private, for-profit school with an American curriculum primarily serving Kuwaiti students. The school is located in Hawally Block 7 at the corner of the 4th Ring Road and Al-Muthana Street.

Because of high turnover annually at the school, recruiting needs are usually high. The school attends the GRC Fair in Dubai, the University of Northern Iowa, Queen’s University, as well as fairs with Search and ISS. Jobs are listed with TIEOnline, Search, ISS, and CIS.

You may use the employment menu at the top of the page to find out more about salary, benefits, housing, and life in Kuwait. Thank you for visiting The American School of Kuwait Reviews.

3 thoughts on “Employment @ ASK

  1. It’s interesting how the problem of teacher turnover can be solved by one person: Nael, the business manager. Let me itemize a list here for him.

    1. Save KD by not sending 2 or 3 administrators to job fairs. Hotels. Business class airfare. Search Associates fees. Meals. Fewer people to hire saves ASK money.
    2. Save KD with less visa hassle. We know ASK has flown some teachers to Bahrain in order to come back in on another 90-day tourist visa. Fewer people to hire saves ASK money.
    3. Save KD by solving smaller problems, like the Dunes’ pool, Wael’s appreciation and acknowledgment of the staff, and living conditions. Happy faculty tend to stay, and fewer people leave. Fewer people to hire saves ASK money.
    4. Save KD by staying competitive with AUS and AIS. If you haven’t already realized it, ASK is not the best school in Kuwait for teachers and students. Do something to set yourself apart. Offer some incentive(s) to bring in teachers or keep teachers longer. Fewer teachers to hire every year saves ASK money in the long run.
    5. Save KD by hiring locally. Local hires don’t need to be paid as much and don’t need airfare. This reduces your turnover rate (it also reduces your status as an international school, but concern for that apparently went out the window years ago). Fewer people to hire saves ASK money.

    Murphy of course is reading this thinking ‘Yeah, well, we’d like to do xyz but…’ Becky did that for years—the constant shoulder shrug that seemed to say ‘I would but oh well’ for every problem facing the school. Time for change Mike. Time to do something.

    This site is the least of your problems, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. If anything, you should be less worried about its authors and more concerned over the valid points it brings up. And then act on them.


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