Below is a collection of comments we didn’t approve. These were all posted by the same user (This person’s IP address is, which is located in Kuwait).

  • “This website reeks like the ramblings of a privileged pantywaist. Mahboula is an excellent area of Kuwait, rich in cultural diversity and an energetic street life. The well appointed apartments offer teachers the opportunity to live a life they could only dream of in their home countries. What’s next, an exposé lambasting the premium daily shuttle to work? How about some investigative journalism exposing the “teacher” who got Simsim exiled to the desert? The latter we are all very interested in.”
  • “Why would anyone want to fill out this survey when you have demonstrated that you simply delete anything posted here that does not fit your narrative? I think your cause would have more validity if you weren’t so biased.”
  • “Looks like they made a good choice by letting go of the creator of this website. One has to wonder about the motivations and ethics of someone who deletes anything that appears to be critical of the resident critic at ASK “Reviews”. It’s flattering that you cherrypick those deleted comments as inspiration for new content. Desperate times eh?”
  • “Meh. This site has an agenda and a history of removing comments and information that challenges this. Why so salty Ask Reviews?”

We have a new deleted commentator. We agreed with many of their sentiments, but the language was too coarse for us. We will post the IP address only to provide evidence in the case that this person receives multiple deleted comments.

  • “Mahboula: Shithole (Great Indian Food With A Side Of Finger Nail Clippings)
    Dana Dina Tower: Drunk Ass Brewing Shit Hole (Containing Toxic Water and Lead proven toxic for children and adults. Just test the water in the science lab and you will get your proof)
    ASK: Building about to colapse into a shithole.
    ASK Parents: Spoiled agressive dangerous Shitholes.
    ASK Admin: No balls or integrity while cleaning the owners shithole.
    Kuwait: Dirty Shithole with flying plastic bags (Kuwaiti National Bird)
    Kuwait Airlines: Porn Stars and Champagne (Pilots Only)
    Owner of ASK: The dude smells like cottage cheese wrapped in a shithole. Thankd for the drinks douchebag.May I also add that one of the comments posted and removed concenrning cultural diversity in Mahboula is incorrect. Mahboula is known for slavery and abuse of workers. It is also stated on the media that gang rapes and murder suicedes are rampant. I’d prefer living in America where I get fresh green grass, change of seasons, nice friendly people, great pay, wonderful opportunities, pork galore and I get to visit the Aloha Snack Bar without fear of loosing my hand.Merica, fuck yah!!!”


  • We deleted a comment on Sunday June 03, 2018 @ 3:25 PM (GMT +03). The commentator was behind a VPN and the comment included a link to a website. It did not address any content from the website, so we believe it was simply spam.