Child Protection is Imperative

As educators, we have a professional obligation to be vigilant about child protection, from both abuse or neglect that happens at home or at school. ASK has a book of policies on child protection, per the standards required by their accrediting agency, Middle States Association.

There have been several instances in the past where ASK has not followed their own policies on child protection. Here at ASKR, we are aware of teachers who have been reported, some on multiple occasions, for improper behavior with children under their care. Some of this improper behavior includes physically hitting children with objects, or calling students inappropriate names, including racial and homophobic slurs. In the instances we are aware of, there was little or no discipline, and the teachers are still to this day allowed to work with children.

If you see an instance of child abuse, please report it. Do so by e-mail so that it is documented. If you meet in person with an administrator, agree to either make an audio recording of the meeting, or agree to make minutes during the meeting and have all parties sign for their authenticity and then share those minutes with all those present as a means of keeping a record.

If, after such reporting, you know that the behavior was not addressed or you witness the behavior reoccur, then please escalate your concerns. Some places that you may wish to consider reporting your concerns to include Middle States Association of Colleges ane Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS), the Council of International Schools (CIS), Search Associates, or International Schools Services (ISS). Be aware that Middle States Association has an official procedure for lodging complaints.

Below are some links for information on both child protection and safe spaces.


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