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ASK Still Has Unfilled Vacancies (Updated)

(Update below original post.)

The current openings, as of August 6, are as follows:

Openings Aug 6

Two positions being left open in one department is not a good sign. Perhaps for math they’ll just have 45 or 50 kids in each class. If The American School of Kuwait continues to incur difficulty finding teachers willing to work there, then maybe they will have to consider increasing either pay or quality of life (or both) for their faculty.


UPDATE: Some people have sent us screen shots of current postings on Search Associates. ASK also has a vacancy for a chorus teacher. We are told that there was a chorus teacher but they have backed out of their contract (Official “Summer Runner” Count: 1). In addition, it seems there are not two, but three math vacancies. We haven’t been able to confirm when the third vacancy occurred so we do not know if a math teacher from last year was fired or if they quit, but its looking like 60-70 kids per math class may be closer to reality. We are sure that the math teachers that ASK hires in August will be top notch professionals (sarcasm). The odds are that they will be employed illegally and paid cash under the table with no health benefits. Let’s hope that they like making tourist visa runs every few months.


Salary Comparison Update – AIS


We now have a salary scale for the American International School of Kuwait (AIS). We only have the scale for teachers with an undergraduate degree and certification – we do not know how this changes with a graduate degree.

We also wish to note that the amounts are a few years old, so if AIS has given raises and you have more current information, please contact us.

Salary Comparison 4 Way.png

A basic summary:

  • ASK starts a teacher at 827 Kuwaiti Dinar each month. After each year, the monthly salary increases by 5 KD.
  • At ASK, your graduate degree is practically useless. A teacher with a masters degree at ASK will always makes less than a teacher with an undergraduate degree at AIS. They only make more than teachers at AUS if they have less than 6 years of teaching experience, where they become equal.
  • AUS starts a teacher at 781 Kuwaiti Dinar each month. After every two years, the monthly salary increases by about 4.5%. (Values are slightly off of this amount, but it is close enough).
    • We’d like to note that this is updated from previous articles that stated the increase was given annually. We have confirmed that the salary does, indeed, only increase every two years. In both scenarios, AUS eventually pays much more than ASK – now it just takes a bit longer than we thought before.
  • AIS starts teachers off with the highest monthly salary – 861 Kuwaiti Dinar each month. They increase by 25 dinars per month each year, which is enough to make them the highest paying school from beginning to end. We also know that AIS will credit you with 200 dinar per year for each year of teaching experience prior to working at AIS (Up to 15 years or 3000 Kuwaiti Dinar, annually).

Moral of the story? Maybe AIS is a better choice.


This post addresses the following parts of our mission statement and beliefs:

  • Encourage members of the ASK community to become more active in pushing the school to enact positive change in order to create and inspire a positive school environment for all members of the community.
  • Help ASK return to its position as the best option for private international education in Kuwait.
  • A partnership among families, teachers, and students is essential for successful learning.

ASK Pays Less Than Other Schools

It is well known that ASK does not pay as much as other schools in Kuwait. 10 years ago, when ASK had a better reputation, teachers would regularly take pay cuts of 100-200 KD monthly (300-600 USD) to come to ASK because it was a better school. Lately, however, the trend is that of teachers leaving ASK to go to other schools – getting a pay raise and a job that they enjoy more.

So, how much more can you make at other schools in Kuwait? Today we will look at the pay at the newest American school in Kuwait – the American United School of Kuwait (AUS). We should note that there are rumors that Wael, the CEO of ASK, has a conflicting ownership stake in AUS. These rumors have some bite, but we are unable to substantiate them at this time. If you can provide proof of these rumors, please contact us.

Below is the salary scale for teachers at AUS:

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 20.19.17.png

Note – To protect the privacy of the teachers that shared this document, we have retyped it and changed the format a bit.

AUS increases by 4.5% each year, for all 30 years. ASK increases by an astonishingly low 0.6% in Year 0, and every year after has a smaller percentage increase.

We created some graphs to show how large the pay gap gets:




Unlike teachers with a Bachelors degree, these teachers begin making more money at AUSK on day 1. By the end of 30 years, the teachers are earning almost double. Below is a graph showing your lifetime earnings difference. Note that this graph is in US Dollars, where the previous graphs have been in Kuwaiti Dinars.


A teacher who works at AUSK (with a Masters degree) for 30 years will earn at least $214,000 more than a teacher who does the same at ASK.  AUS – A better choice indeed.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 19.10.05


ASK’s Illegal Contract

As part of the ASK contract, teachers sign and agree to the following:

ASK Contract

The first sentence has been emphasized by administration at the school to mean that you cannot tutor or accept any other positions of employment while living in Kuwait. It is difficult to say how widely this is enforced, as many teachers tutor, some boosting their salary quite significantly. Even the secondary principal tutors (and plays golf with students). This is a significant conflict of interest, even though it is widely known amongst the faculty to be occurring. This part of the contract is legal – in fact – it is Kuwaiti labor law.

The second part of the statement says that you may not work for another school in Kuwait for 2 years after leaving ASK.

To be clear – this is illegal, and clearly violates Kuwaiti labor law. If you are a teacher who has accepted a contract at ASK or are considering doing so, I strongly suggest that you inquire about this part of the contract and request that it be removed.  While some teachers have successfully negotiated with ASK to be permitted to transfer to a different school at the conclusion of their contract, many have not.