We’re back – What did we miss?

ASKR is back from a 15 month sabbatical to ask you one question: What is going on?

We know that the pandemic has hit Kuwait particularly hard. This is not unexpected simply due to the way that Kuwait is structured: Kuwait consists of approximately 1 million Kuwaitis and 3 million foreign expats. Kuwaitis tend to live in a more spread out suburban environment, but many expats live in more densely populated areas that make transmission of a virus like Covid-19 easier.

We know that, whatever the cause, private education has been hit extremely hard in Kuwait. We know that the government has mandated tuition cuts between 20% and 30% (we have heard varying numbers). Enrollment is down.

We are not back to criticize. We hope to offer our forum as a bit of support. Tell us how you are doing. Are you in your home country, or are you riding out the storm still in Kuwait? Will you be remaining in international education this year, returning home temporarily, or perhaps even leaving international education altogether?

Whether you are at ASK now or have moved on to other schools (we want to hear from everybody – no need to name the school you are at) – has your school taken care of you? What kinds of things have your administration done to provide support, levity, or even some socially-distanced socialisation?

Comment below and tell us how you’re doing. We’ll be posting on a regular basis in the coming weeks with news articles and information about how schools around the world are handling the pandemic. Let’s all try to support one another with positivity and the presumption of positive intentions during this difficult time.

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  1. I left ASK a few years ago. I’ve been at my current school for awhile now. Most of our new teachers haven’t been able to get in the country. We’ve paid them their first paychecks just this week and they are currently working virtually. While our enrollment dropped by over 25% and we should have eliminated about 10 position to run a balanced budget, we kept everybody onboard.


  2. What a sneaky way to bash the school without doing it directly. ASK is doing all they can to save as many jobs as possible. They’re offering as many people as they can new roles so they can stay. Yes, many need to do something unfamiliar and/or take a pay cut, but ASK is working hard to help all of the teachers, and then you’re trying to provide a place for ungrateful teachers who didn’t take the offer to come and whine about it on the internet. If the school offered to keep you employed and you chose not to take it, you don’t get to then come on the internet and throw the school under the bus.


    • I’m sure those who were let go unexpectedly via Zoom Meetings with one week before the start of the school year will take comfort in the fact that the school did “all they can.” You try looking for a teaching job in late August while all your possessions are thousands of miles away and see if you still have any empathy for the admin who have made no personal sacrifices.

      How ungrateful of ASK to value its teachers so poorly.


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