Upcoming Site Maintenance

During the middle of this week (Wednesday night to Thursday morning), the American School of Kuwait Reviews website may experience some downtime as we work on altering the design and format of the website. While we conduct this maintenance, we will redirect the domains “americanschoolofkuwait.com” and “americanschoolofkuwaitreviews.com” to the International Schools Review website. If you find yourself there, we encourage you to purchase a subscription.

We hope that the site will be down for less than 1 hour as we make the changes, but if problems persist in the changeover, it may be up to 24 hours. When we return it will be with an entirely different appearance, format, and with a bit of an announcement.

As the school year winds down, so too have the posts. We anticipate the last day of school to be our last day of regular updates, barring any major news. We anticipate having 1-2 more updates on readership as well as an update on recruiting progress and will also put out any news that comes across our inbox.

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