There are a lot of current vacancies

The American School of Kuwait currently has 9 vacancies. This is quite a lot for the last week of school – it seems that the increased salary package is not enough to entice candidates to sign a contract. At this time last year, there were 6 vacancies, so it seems that the recruiting situation is deteriorating over time. Here are the current vacancies:

Current Vacancies
Note that it is possible that there are more than 9 current vacancies as there could be the need for more than one teacher of the same subject. ASK does not list multiple openings as separate job listings – probably a wise choice.

If you can measure a school’s recruiting performance by the number of jobs it still needs to have filled this late in the recruiting cycle (we think that you can), then the chart below is quite interesting. We went through every single job listing on TIEOnline and we counted the number of vacancies at each school.

There are currently 143 schools using TIEOnline to try and fill 654 positions. Of these 143 schools, 3 also need to fill 9 positions, 130 need to fill fewer than 9 positions, and 10 need to fill more than 9 positions. That would put ASK in the bottom 9%, an unenviable position. Here is a graph that highlights ASK’s position:


Essential Question: Is ASK not explaining its new salary structure to candidates clearly enough, or is the salary just not desirable to candidates?

Enduring Understanding: Happy teachers stay longer, giving the school fewer positions to fill in the first place. Schools with happy teachers also have an easier time recruiting in general.

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