Update on Readership (May 16)

Wowzers. Readership has really taken off in the last week, so we have numerous statistics to share with you. Below are three graphs showing views and visitors on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The pink bar in each graph represents the current time period, and so that bar will continue to grow. In fact, we get most of our views in two distinct time periods each day:

  1. The 30-45 minutes period after the school day ends.
  2. Between 7 and 10 PM

So that means that, even in just a few hours, the data in these graphs will lag far behind the current numbers. These graphs were made at 11:30 AM on Thursday.

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 16.33.01
Daily Views

You can see that just the last few days have had a large number of viewers when compared with last week, but the views from last week were 3-4 times more than any of the previous weeks. This is about where we were at the same time yesterday, so we think we will break 1,000 views for two days in a row.

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 16.33.18
Weekly views

We are going to have a second week of 2,000+ views in a row. The last time our blog was read this frequently was when Nancy Abdul Ghafoor quit her job on a Thursday, giving 0 days notice.

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 16.32.48
Monthly View

We like the monthly view because our blog is still young enough that we can see every month in which we have existed. May 2019 is currently the 3rd highest viewed month ever. As of a week ago, we thought that this achievement would be difficult to achieve and the highest that this month would go. However, if 1,000 view days continue for a while, this month could go onto perform higher than 3rd.

We have some more articles in store for the coming days, including one for later this afternoon regarding an update on the Middle School parents petition.

Comment Below

We recently changed the design of the website so that you could see all blog posts on the main page, along with their featured image and a tagline. We are curious if this makes it easier for our readers and whether they generally like the new design better. Let us know below – if the old design was better it would not be difficult to go back.


  1. I enjoy the new layout…. scroll baby scroll. Also see the hit counter is back. Thanks for all you do!


  2. Teacher Appreciation Week! We got [ ] nothing [ ] nada [ ] zip [ ] all of these! Yeah. That’s right, we got nothing. One other school that we know (AUS) gave away several – wait for it……… – FREE TICKETS FOR 2 TO EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. AUS staff also got treated to 2 dinners at a “fancy” hotel/restaurant. 2 dinners! Plus, it was not catered in the school auditorium!


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