ISR Review #56

Two ISR reviews dropped yesterday. One we covered in our previous post, as it explicitly mentioned American School of Kuwait Reviews. The other review, with our commentary, is below:

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 17.46.33

  • It is difficult to rate the academic integrity of a school. We know of no instance where any administrator has blatantly changed a grade. To teachers, administrators strictly say that grades are the discretion of the teacher of record. Is there something we are missing here?
  • We’ll have to disagree with the score for “Effectiveness of administration” as well. A score of 1 is quite harsh, and it implies that the school could not possibly be any worse. It certainly could be much worse. In addition, while there are certainly some major problems with some administrators, many are fine people and educators.
  • We can agree with the next two lines. Disciplinary support is quite limited and usually reserved for the worst offenders. This means that minor offenses often go overlooked, and it perpetuates a culture that lacks discipline. Also, seeing as the director chooses to remain out of the country for nearly half of the school year, a 4 is a fair rating here, as well.
  • This person clearly lived in the annex based on their satisfaction with the housing (confirmed in text below).
  • Most of the others are right in the correct ballpark, though assistance with visas may be too low. The ladies in the admin office work very hard to assist teachers the best they can. Buy them a coffee, they deserve it.

Okay, on to the text of the review:

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 17.47.26

  • If you’re told that you’re living in the Annex, you may just want to back out of your contract.
  • Mold is a problem in all three buildings. You should do an inspection for the stuff and demand it be fixed in a timely manner.
  • Do the buses still leave early even though they aren’t full, or has that been fixed?
  • We suspect this teacher was in the Elementary school – the high school / middle school elevator requires a key. The Elementary elevator is indeed broken quite often. Don’t get stuck inside!

We hope this teacher is off to greener pastures. Remember folks, you should fill out an honest ISR review – try not to make it overly harsh, just fair. No school is perfect, and no school is only bad all of the time. Make your ISR review as informative as possible by leaving lots of details about each aspect of your time in Kuwait. We highly recommend joining the site. The fee is not high and you are supporting good people. To summarize:

International Schools Review

  • Leaving reviews is free
  • Reviews are anonymous
  • Reading reviews requires a membership
  • The membership fee is not expensive.

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