Featured Comment: “…breaking her legs…”

We received a comment recently on the post Featured Comment: “..who are you guys seriously defending…”, and so now we have two “featured comment” posts in short succession. Read the comment below:


That’s an intense story. Here to lighten it up is a little old lady with a cast.

We don’t have a way to verify any of the claims in this comment. Because of the incendiary nature of the comment, we almost deleted it. However, we have never deleted a substantive comment.

Editor’s note: We have deleted 3 comments. They were all advertisements for body modification services – none had any value to the blog. No comment of substance, whether we agree or disagree with it, has ever been removed from the site.

When you read the above comment, please do so with scrutiny. It is rumour unless it is proven or verified. We can also say we have never heard a single anecdote of Wael Abdul Ghafoor being violent or threatening violence. Wael is not a great school owner (in our opinion), but that does not make him a bad person. It just means that we should all advocate for leadership change until the school decides to pursue such a course.

That said, if anybody can provide verifiable evidence that such claims are true, please send them to us so we can vet them. Until that time, it is probably best to use more discretion.


  1. There are plenty of examples. Wael once had Hussein (the guard) slash a teacher’s tires (ALL FOUR) because the teacher parked in front of the door to his private garage. Keep searching, you will find plenty of bad behavior.


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