Middle School Parents Have A Petition

In our regular Google searches, we found that middle school families have started a Change.org Petition (click here), because they want parents to be allowed to attend the Middle School Graduation.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 18.59.10.png
Don’t get between a momma bear and her cubs. #walla


Let’s get something that may be controversial out of the way, first: There is no such thing as graduation from middle school. You graduate at the end of high school, and again after receiving a degree from a University. The culmination of a diploma or a degree is a graduation ceremony, and going from Grade 8 to Grade 9 does not meet the requirements.

That said, we find it a bit strange that there is a function that parents are not allowed to attend. Firstly, they are paying the bill. Secondly, it is their child. Finally, ASK may want to invest in its community a bit more, and inviting parents to attend such functions is a good way to do it.

We imagine that the problem is that there is no good venue for holding that many students and parents. The school doesn’t have a proper auditorium. Sources from the US Embassy have directly confirmed to us that the school was offered millions of dollars to build a state-of-the-art theater, but that the school declined the money because it came with the condition that the State Department could audit the school’s finances.

Given the way the school backdates indemnity checks, we aren’t surprised to find out they don’t want outsiders looking at the books, even if it means giving up such a large gift.

Use the link at the top to view the petition and sign it if you agree. If you don’t agree with the petition, then comment below and let us know.


  1. Because the facilities are leased, new construction for an auditorium may not have been possible; however so, there is currently construction on what was formally the bubble.

    At any rate that’s no excuse. Reap what you sow


  2. From the school’s perspective, why invite criticism? Why try to answer that question ‘I pay $15,000 a year for this?!’ ASK is just trying to save face and reputation here.


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