Survey 7 (updated)

UPDATE: As results come in they are being posted below.

It has been quite a long time since we had a survey. We have written several that we would like to give at the end of the year, and this will be the first.

In the spirit of positivity, this survey will ask for you to pick an administrator from ASK and to say something nice about that person. You can complete the survey multiple times – one time per administrator.


Below is a list of the main administrators at ASK. If you feel like we left someone out, then tell us in a comment. You can nominate anybody if you think there is an individual who deserves recognition. (Remember, however, that we don’t reference teachers by name on the website.)

Whole-School Administration

Superintendent: Miss Rebecca Ness

Assistant Superintendent: Mr. Michael Murphy

Executive Advisor: Mr. Fawzi Hassan

Superintendent of Learning: Dr. Scott Dennison

Dr. Dennison is one of the most knowledgeable people in the entire building. He has an open-door policy – and more people should take advantage of it. Working with Scott has had a profound effect on me professionally.

Director of Technology: Mr. Dhanak Abhay

Director of Activities & Athletics: Mr. Phillip Parkinson

Phil works his butt off and rarely complains. He always has kids at the heart of his work and decisions.


High School Administration

Principal: Dr. Cassandra Hazel


Assistant Principal: Miss Monique Livsey

Assistant Principal: Mr. Nathan Walker

Walker did such a great job with discipline at ASK – when he came in, the students had all the power and did whatever they wanted. There was no accountability. But when Walker became AP the dynamics changed and there was order and appropriate authority.

College Counselor: Miss Lena Hakim

Guidance Counselor: Miss Lindsay Parkinson

Lindsay is a model of positivity and kindness. The school is so lucky to have her.

Middle School Administration

Principal: Miss Kristi Fowler

Kristi has done a fantastic job since suddenly having such a big responsibility thrust upon her.

Former Principal: Miss Nancy Abdul Ghafoor

Assistant Principal: Mr. Justin Hazel

Justin is great with kids. He builds positive relationships with tough kids and doesn’t let things get to him. He’s professional and hard-working.

Counselor: Miss Mayya Salame

Mayya truly cares about kids. She’s warm and patient and does her best to help our students with their social and emotional growth.


Elementary School Administration

Elementary School Principal: Dr. Steven Caley

Assistant Principal: Salma Taha

Assistant Principal: Miss Pauline Roberts

Intern Assistant Principal: Mr. Peter Palingo

Counselor: Nicole Johnson

Counselor: Allison Levine

ASKR Note: When deciding who qualifies as administration for this article, we let ASK be our guide. If a person was listed as administration either on the website or in a handbook, then we included them. These two sources were not always consistent, however, in who counted as an administrator. As we are seeking to spread positivity, we thought it better to be more inclusive than when we write more critical pieces.



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