“Students are not be allowed on campus”

The following is an e-mail sent to members of the High School Faculty from Dr. Hazel at 9:38 this morning (May 8).

Good morning Teachers,


Senior Countdown scheduled for today has been cancelled and students are not be allowed on campus until their senior exams next week. Only seniors who are taking AP exams will be allowed on campus and their names has been provided to the front gate. Any make up summatives previously scheduled for seniors will need to be given during the week of senior exams. You will need to provide Mr. Walker with any make up summatives for seniors by tomorrow (May 9) 12:00 pm. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Master Schedule 1019-2020

The Master Schedule is primarily complete and will be shared in Sunday’s News & Notes. I have not released it to teachers as changes are continuously being made as students are scheduled. This is the reason there may be students who are aware of some of your teaching periods. If you would like to know before Sunday your periods and preps feel free to come by, but be mindful as it may change depending on the numbers/needs of the students.

We think it is fantastic that the high school administration and assistant superintendent could collectively enforce punishment on students by taking away the Senior Countdown. We also understand that students who come on campus when not allowed may not walk at graduation. Remember from our previous post, “Our students and families will win you over with their generosity and spirit.”

As for the Master Schedule, we are a bit surprised that students are getting to see schedules but teachers are not. The reason that “schedules may change” isn’t really a great reason because:

  • That would also be a valid reason not to show students.
  • Teachers are college educated adults who understand uncertainty.
  • The schedules are going to change for the first week of the school year. By this logic, we should not tell teachers their schedule then, either. Just let them be surprised by who shows up!

Your teachers are professionals, and we think they should be treated this way. Showing respect and allowing adults to make professional judgments is a good way to increase morale and staff buy-in. That said, Dr. Hazel has a lot on her plate, trying to hire teachers this late in the year while dealing with student pranks.


  1. How are the teachers professional when so far numerous from different departments got fired just this year? And last year? I mean who are you guys seriously defending…

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