Staffing Numbers (Updated)

It has been brought to our attention that our staffing numbers for the English department were incorrect. We have been constantly working with this data for a while, and think we have a better presentation for it, as well.

In the table below,

  • * represents departments whose chair is not returning
  • Red cells indicate departments that are decreasing in experience
  • Green cells indicate departments that are increasing in experience

Staffing Updated.jpg

The reason for the further decrease in the English department for next year is that Lora Hawkins will be taking on the role of Director of Communications (as she will be an administrator, we will now refer to her by name). People tell us that she is a very capable educator and known for her integrity.

With this new hiring, ASK will now have a new Director of Communications, in addition to two new principals in the High School and Middle School. These three women are all excellent educators and we anticipate that these hiring decisions will reap positive rewards for ASK for as long as they are there.

We think we are close to having similar statistics for middle school and high school, so if you think you can help, please contact us here.

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