Update On Readership

It’s a busy day here at The American School of Kuwait Reviews. This is our regularly scheduled post, but due to current events, don’t forget to check out our other post of the day here.

We haven’t had an update on readership in quite a while so this will serve that purpose. Below is a graph showing weekly readership dating back to December 31 of last year. So, essentially, this graph is our year-to-date views:

Weekly Hits Through April 2019

That is 15,943 views for the first trimester of the year. This puts us on track to receive about 50,000 views for 2019, which would be about a 25% increase over the statistics in 2018. This brings mixed emotions to the folks working on the ASKR writing staff – we are happy that people are reading and working to improve ASK, but very sad that our popularity is a direct indicator of the poor state of affairs at the school. We hope that the need for this blog will not exist in the future, because that will mean the 2000+ students at ASK are receiving a rigorous and safe education and that the teachers 150+ teachers employed by ASK are being treated fairly as well.

In addition to a frequent number of regular readers, we are also getting substantial input from ASKR readers. Several of your tips recently have panned out, including:

  • A teacher was recently fired.
  • Students threw water on faculty and were told they could not attend senior countdown.
  • Update: They can attend senior countdown.
  • Some faculty concerned about the timing of their indemnity checks were truthful with the government officers regarding the fact that they had not yet been paid.
  • A new post about the school came from International Schools Review. We’d still love to know who wrote it, so if you have information, don’t hesitate to contact us here.
  • Several teachers who were previously asked not to return next year have been told that they, in fact, can return. This is due to the difficulty recruiting for their positions.
  • Several readers worked together to provide a comprehensive list of names of teachers leaving the high school. We are still working on lists for the middle and elementary school, so please contact us at the link above if you would like to assist in this effort.

Your input as readers and contributors and comments has been beyond valuable. Remember that, even in the face of unappreciative administrators, there are many who value and appreciate what you do, even when it is unspoken. Many of your students, their families, and your coworkers appreciate the time you spend as a teacher, mentor, and colleague. Keep working hard, summer is almost here.

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