Indemnity Checks are Ready

Teachers who are departing,

The American School of Kuwait Reviews would like to thank you for your service and let you know that The American School of Kuwait’s finance office has printed your checks. They were dated for the 29th, but after hearing your complaints, they have changed the date to May 19. We know that some of you (all? we’re not sure) have already been to the government office to cancel your residency permits, and that at least one of you answered honestly when asked if you had received your indemnity. Good for you for doing the right thing, it also seems to be making some small changes in ASK’s behaviour. Remember, all of you do have the power to initiate positive change.

Before going to the office to ask for your indemnity check, please dry off. We understand that some faculty were splashed with water (intentionally) by students during lunch. Fear not, these students will not be allowed to participate in tomorrow’s senior countdown. Swift and appropriate punishment, that we are certain Mr. Murphy will approve of and support.


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