Current Recruitment Status

Hello readers,

We here at the American School of Kuwait Reviews wanted to bring you a brief update on the school’s recruiting status for the 2019-2020 school year at the American School of Kuwait. We project that there were 43 openings for next year (we are certain that this number is not exactly accurate, but should be within 1 or 2 of the correct number), and the website indicates at least 11 openings still available (at least because there may be multiple openings for the same level/subject).

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 20.11.24

If these openings stay open for much longer, then the school is going to run into some significant difficulties. Traditionally, it is difficult to get visas and residency status for teachers hired late in the cycle, and so the school defaults towards having these teachers come on visitor visas. The issue with this is that visitor visas are now renewed every 30 days (previously it was 90) and it gets quite expensive to fly out of the country on a monthly basis for this process.

This means that the school will have to do one of the following:

  • Agree to pay for all of those extra trips.
  • Agree to let late hires show up to school after day 1, meaning that current teachers may have a significant amount of substitute coverage to assist with.
  • Maintain the status quo and see if it affects morale (Hint: it will)

Obviously, there are other solutions to this problem that would yield better outcomes, but they also come at a higher price, one that the for-profit American School of Kuwait seems reluctant to pay. Simply put, a better school that pays more and has a better reputation has an easier time with recruitment. If ASK were more attractive to prospective teachers, then this problem would be moot.

Odds and Ends

The end of the school year rapidly approaches, so you should be looking forward to the end of year banquet. There should be something like 43 plaques handed out to departing teachers – the school traditionally misspells the names of many teachers on their plaques. Though this doesn’t really matter much as many place them for long term storage in the nearest garbage bin.

We are still working on the promised article regarding child protection, which will (obviously to current employees) address the recent staffing changes, as that is a relevant concern. There are a number of other articles in the works as well, as we hope to finish the year strong. Keep working hard, Falcon Family. We here at the American School of Kuwait Reviews appreciate all that you do.


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