Our frequent readers will have noticed a new addition to our homepage – testimonials.

The ASK Employment page also has testimonials. Ours have one key difference, however, in that they are real quotes from ASK teachers. Several sources have confirmed what we long suspected – that the people in charge of this part of the website made up most of the quotes without input from the teachers who are pictured. Our testimonials, however, are all from ISR reviews. This should serve as your daily reminder that a blog that writes about your school website should not have to be more truthful than your actual school website…

The testimonials on the main page will be updated from time to time. They rotate every few seconds just like the ones on the ASK Employment page. Below you can see still images of all of the testimonials from our initial batch.

Note – the quotes are all attached to silhouettes. Some of these appear male and others appear female. Please rest assured that these were randomly placed for variety and the the silhouettes are actually non-binary.


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