#trashtag in Kuwait

Readers of 248am or Reddit may have already seen this, but just in case you haven’t, we here at American School of Kuwait Reviews would like to call your attention to the #trashtag challenge.

The post essentially translates to say that there is a great challenge on social media to maintain the cleanliness of public beaches and to use the hashtags #trashtag and #trashchallenge

Living in Mahboula, near neighbourhoods and beaches that are densely littered in trash, ASK’s community members have a fantastic opportunity to participate in some service-learning that benefits our community. ASK already has had some service-oriented groups that perform beach cleanup sporadically throughout the year, but if you haven’t been involved yet, it isn’t too late. And what a great way to help both your students and your school.

We also recommend that you consider the idea of service learning for your grade level or subject, as it reaps such a great reward for so many. Service learning combines rigorous academic study, community service, and reflection.


248am: #TrashTag Challenge Kuwait

Reddit: Are we late for the party?…

Instagram: @binjubarah’s post

This post brought to you by the Official Bird of Mahboula:

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 20.37.10.png


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