Good job, guys!

Hey hey hey! We hired some people! We were worried after going to 4 job fairs and didn’t get anybody to commit to a contract. But we’ve been busy, and frankly, we’re proud of ourselves:

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 21.14.08

We even hired for that high school assistant principal position that opened up really late. We’re particularly proud of the open and transparent hiring process for that position. Old habits die hard, but we beat that one.

In other news, we heard through multiple sources that the National Day celebrations in the middle and high school broke out into a co-ed dance party to Iranian music and the school may now be under investigation after a parent complained to the government. Please feel free to share more information. We also hear that the elementary school celebrations were, per tradition, non-existant.

Remember teachers, your job isn’t perfect and you work for imperfect people. But most of the people you work with and work for have good intentions. Go into your daily interactions with positive intentions, work hard,  and keep trying to make the school and the community a better place. Thursday is right around the corner.


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