Merchandise Now Available

Merchandise is now available, just head on over to our cafepress shop. We currently have all of the prices marked up by $0.00, meaning we make absolutely no profit off of any of the items. We will continue this sale until ASK has filled all of their positions, so grab yourself a MA(SK)GA sweatshirt or a “So Happy It’s Thursday” flask before the prices go up!

We bet if you buy our ASKR Logo mug that nobody will even realize it isn’t the official ASK logo. Go ahead, put it right on your desk. They even make good gifts for School Principal’s Day (which is May 1).


  1. Cafepress links don’t seem to work to actually purchase. Bummer! Was ready to purchase those principal gifts! 😦


    1. They work. We have used them. And based on sales, others have also used them successfully. Contact us at contact@americanschoolofkuwaitreviews if you need assistance. You are welcome to do so anonymously if you feel the need. We are happy to help.


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