Vacancies *still* open

The job fairs have passed. The list of job openings at the American School of Kuwait has only gotten longer. Most schools have either completed or nearly completed all hiring for next year.

This is not a good sign, people.

Below is a graphic showing the school’s job listings on three separate dates in the past 30 days:

Vacancies Over Time

New jobs should not be added in January when the date to decide is in November. Let’s hope they can find some qualified people to work at ASK next year. Reports indicate that parents are very unhappy with staffing as several classrooms have had more than two different teachers in one school year. That really just isn’t acceptable or normal. If the folks paying the bills aren’t happy, the school won’t last very long.


  1. Curious if this website has had a negative effect on recruitment. ASK isn’t that bad. If you’re young and inexperienced and new to the international scene, then it could still be an option as a starter school. Just manage your expectations. It’s a for-profit Kuwaiti private school, run by Kuwaitis, for Kuwaitis. I hope things improve because I know there are some good people there, but it seems the best days are sadly past.


    1. curious too, i am waiting. a few good people in a barrel of bad apples. hear couple months ago the recruitment fair in Dubai was a bomb, and ASK reps had to pack it early because the tables visitors were none. i wished ASKR was around when I signed on because I would have much rather taken the other offers in other countries. I really thought ASK was an embassy school and made decision on their established reputation. shame they are still milking and riding that out. I feel the founders would be rolling in the grave.


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