Vacancies: Certification Not Needed

According to the school’s Schrole Recruitment page, the school no longer requires candidates to even have certification. That’s going to look great for the accreditation visit.

ask schrole
Also, 5 teaching days per year may still be too many for some people.

We are genuinely saddened to see that ASK has to resort to interviewing uncertified candidates just to find people that are willing to accept contracts.

Update: Multiple people have sent us screenshots and e-mails indicating there are more issues with the ASK Schrole page. When did ASK become a public school?

ASK Schrole 2.png


  1. Who updates ASK’s page on Schrole? They need to re-check some facts….maybe look at the school calendar for the start time (“August”) and Teaching days/year (5? seriously?). Also, fill in the section for ‘Governing body’.


    1. That would involve making who is on the board easily accessible information. Transparency-say-what?


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