People Are Too Smart to Work at ASK

All the major fairs are over and recruiting has been in full swing for months now. Yet most of the job vacancies remain:

screen shot 2019-01-28 at 08.46.28

Simply put: The package isn’t good enough to justify accepting a position in a “hardship location.”

The reputation of ASK is beginning to falter as large numbers of former employees spread through the international teaching community and tell coworkers and administrators what it is like to there. The school has a poorly managed web presence and a culture of unhappiness that results in low morale and low teacher retention. It is likely that these positions, which represent more than a quarter of the positions at the school, will be filled by those that are unqualified, underqualified, inexperienced, or some combination of these descriptors.


  1. Yep, I am a former teacher from ASK, and when asked about my experience working in Kuwait, I am honest and tell friends/coworkers to NEVER accept a position at ASK. It would be unethical to tell anyone otherwise. All schools have their issues and that is fine and we work towards improvement, but nothing compares to ASK and the toxicity. I get shivers thinking about going back to that place.


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