Update on Vacancies

It seems like ASK is once again having difficulty with recruiting, as a large number of vacancies remain open. Checking the Search Associates website, we can see that ASK is not attending the Bangkok nor the London job fairs this year. A source in administration tells us that the trips were too costly and too few contracts were accepted to justify the cost. Further, they told us that it was particularly difficult because they were always placed next to the Korean schools, which have a better reputation, salary package, and location.

Current vacancies include:

screen shot 2019-01-16 at 07.43.06

It looks like some assistant principal positions have been added. Generally, administration must state their intentions by the end of October. For administration positions to come open this late in the school year is quite strange. Sources tell us that many members of the administration are still unhappy that their pay structure has not been updated and that some teachers will actually make more than admin. Remember also that several of the positions listed have multiple vacancies, so the number of openings is quite larger.

Postscript (A message to admin):

You still have numerous errors throughout your web presence, such as your TIEOnline School Page stating that you are looking for candidates for the 2017-2018 school year. That means it has been two years since you updated this information. You removed the outdated salary information from the website (the link still works), but the employee guide on the website still has this old information.

When a prospective candidate arranges an interview with your school or receives an offer, the first thing they do is research the school online. They begin at your website. And your website is out of date and contains contradicting information. Get it together, you guys.


  1. Over the past week, at least one administrator in the ES has been told that they are not welcome to return next year. Get your Bingo cards ready! I sense more crazy is to come!


    1. Well, with one assistant principal retiring and the intern assistant principal leaving, that doesn’t leave a lot of people. It’s either the only remaining assistant principal or it is the principal. Side note, the last photograph on the elementary school admin page is fantastic.


  2. I thought all those AP jobs were filled internally. I seem to recall a less-than-transparent process for a middle school AP position a few years back. Four or five guys applied, then the school couldn’t make a decision, and they hired someone who hadn’t interviewed.


  3. Do the author(s) at ASKR really think ASK admin will take the advice seen here? Seems like admin’s focus has been just to discover the true authors at ASKR rather than take any constructive criticism and act on it. But, ASK is consistent that way: be reactive rather than proactive.


  4. For any teacher or administrator deliberating on returning, be assured: the grass IS, in fact, greener on the other side. Come munch!


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