What about Admin raises?

We have been messaged by multiple administrators (Yes, we were quite surprised to be honest) who are upset that no raise or change in salary structure has been announced for their positions. In fact, if no changes are made, many administrators will be paid less than some of the more experienced teachers. Some administrators could even make more money by becoming teachers again.

The raises were a good thing to do. But it seems the process of announcing them has been bungled. Nothing in writing or in email has been shared with faculty and an entire class of employee seems to have been left out.

The good news is that governance is considering raises. The awards during last weeks party also show that proper appreciation is being shown to the hard working faculty. Things seem to be moving in a better direction. Let’s hope that Superintendent Murphy can get the kinks ironed out quickly.


  1. Don’t administrators tutor? This seems to be common practice for some. Also, can’t administrators just do some extra curricular activities if they need more money?


  2. Murphy said it best when he told teachers in an email that if they didn’t like the bus service (that was late, filled with smoke, off-roading back home to avoid police, leaking fuel, didn’t always show up, etc..) then we should stop complaining and just buy a car.

    If you had a dinar for every person who had a medical procedure, test, necessary surgery etc. that wasn’t covered by the insurance and Becky told them to pay for it by working some extra curricular activities then you would probably have enough money to not need to tutor or sell homebrew on the side.


  3. Does experience and qualifications count towards payscale if you are an administrator too? If so, then yes, some teachers should be paid way more than some admin.


  4. ASK does not share (or maybe no administrators ever have) the admin pay scale. Does ASK not realize admin folks are not easily replaced? Although… Bikowski was hired in late March (ridiculously late for an admin hire), and I suppose that experience was enough to scare governance to only hire from within. And those hired from within…can they bring much needed change and fresh ideas?


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