Regarding the New Pay Structure

Hello readers and American School of Kuwait employees, both current and future. We hope that you enjoyed this morning’s presentation on the new pay structure. While it is regrettable that this offer was not made for teachers leaving this year, and that teachers were not informed before November 15, we feel that there were a number of positive aspects for which you should be grateful:

  • Resigning bonuses of 1,000 KD (and eventually 2,000 KD) provide a substantial (5-10%) annual increase to your salary.
  • Because these are not added to your base salary, you do not have to recalculate your indemnity payment, which should simplify your life.
  • While there are going to be novice and experienced contracts, with our hiring preferences, most of your coworkers will be on novice contracts – again simplifying the process for all those involved.
  • Now that decisions regarding contracts are due on November 1, you will know whether or not you are staying before anybody else in any other international school in the world. Being first is important. This also means that replacing you at the GRC fair will be far easier.
  • Not having to worry about having a PD allowance is another way in which your life will be more simple. You weren’t using the PD allowance appropriately (or at all), so the school will be a much better caretaker for those funds.

These changes should simplify everybody’s lives. We hope you all are grateful for the positive steps that ASK is finally taking to enhance recruiting.


  1. This doesn’t seem like much of a raise. It works out to about eight weeks of tutoring pay. Or, if you’re Mike Murphy, six weeks of tutoring.


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