Update On Readership – November 2018

Thanks for making 2018 our best month yet!

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Over 11,000 individual page visits in November with more than 1,206 different devices viewing our page. We are very pleased to offer such a valuable service to the community of the American School of Kuwait.

We constantly receive updates and information from the community. We try to be discerning about what we post. A good example of this is a recent rumor: “The superintendent’s husband (a learning support teacher) is at home in South Dakota with the superintendent, not working, but still drawing a salary.” We haven’t run a post on this because, frankly, it isn’t news. The superintendent (Becky), and her husband, have made a regular habit in the last 5-7 years of combining long trips home on top of their recruiting trips. When you become a superintendent, you will be able to work such discretionary items into your contract, as well.

Obviously, it would be ideal if the superintendent of a school spent more than 3-4 months per year in the same physical location of the school. But when you reach that level or status and are able to negotiate such concessions into your contract, then good for you. Frankly, at their age, travel must be difficult and we are sure that they value time with their family. It seems that the school was worked hard to have an organized administration in place to run daily business in their absence.

We do hope, however, that your tips and stories will keep pouring in. We are interested in receiving further information on some of the following topics:

  • Information on employees in elementary that are exiting their contracts early.
  • Further information on the salary at AUS – we have had several contradictory comments regarding our analysis of their salary. We would like to get scans of internal documents in order to settle the issue once and for all.
  • Information on the number of teachers exiting their contract at the end of this school year. We currently have a list of all the teachers at ASK. We also have a list of all of the positions that the school is seeking to fill for the next school year. However, this list does not indicate how many positions are available. For instance, we know that there is more than one math position open in high school, but nothing indicates this on the school website, TIEOnline, Search Associates, or ISS. We will soon be sharing an editable list of all employee names so that readers can highlight the names of teachers that are leaving. This should provide us an accurate count.
  • More photos of the recent damage done to apartments by the rain. If you had flooding in your apartment or if the siding of the building caused damage to your apartment, we would like to see photographs.
  • More information about the visa and residency issues that new teachers are facing. It seems that even at the end of November, new teachers still don’t have their paperwork in order and are unable to travel. We know that several teachers spent money on trips for the recent 3-day weekend, only to be unable to travel, resulting in a significant loss of money.
  • More information on the issues regarding visitors visas. Several faculty are working (illegally) on visitors visas, and several others have family members on visitors visas (because working females cannot sponsor husbands or children). We have word that visitors visas may only be valid for one month. Other information indicates that the stamp on the visa says it is valid for one month, but you can actually stay for three months still. We know that several families have been adversely affected by this, having to spend significant extra funds to leave the country only to find out that the school will not assist with these expenses, despite previous promises to provide such assistance.



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