Pros and Cons of Working @ ASK

  • Pay:
    • The school always pays your salary on time.
    • There are opportunities to tutor for between $75 and $100 US Dollars per hour.
    • The exchange rate does not fluctuate frequently.
    • The pay is lower than most other schools in Kuwait – both top-tier and medium-tier schools.
    • The school has not had a raise to the base salary in about a decade.
    • The exchange rate (to US Dollars) has declined about 7-8 percent in the last 5 years, and this has not been offset by any raise.
    • The exchange rate (to Canadian Dollars) has increased about 16% in the past 5 years, providing a sizable pay increase for Canadian staff.
    • Your salary only increases by about $15 US Dollars per month for each year you work at ASK.
  • Benefits:
    • The medical insurance is accepted in every country except the United States.
    • Emergency medical coverage is covered in the United States.
    • Medical insurance companies have changed frequently in recent years, usually decreasing the coverage amounts. This sometimes happens midyear – teachers in the middle of pregnancies have been negatively affected several times.
    • Flights home are covered yearly.
    • The school may change your airline at the last minute, affecting travel plans over the summer or the ability to fly with pets.
    • The school will offer cash instead of flight tickets, but the amount is usually lower than the cost of a flight. The school will not communicate the amount to you until after the deadline for choosing whether to accept the tickets or the cash.
  • Travel:
    • Kuwait is close to many other countries, making travel to the Middle East and Europe affordable.
    • New teachers have much uncertainty about travel during the first year. Many teachers this year have had to cancel pre-arranged travel plans because the school has still not secured visas and residency permits for new teachers (up-to-date as of November 26, 2018). If these do not arrive soon, many first-year teachers will not be able to go home for Christmas, even if they have already purchased flights.

This list will be updated regularly. Please comment anonymously below with your suggestions for additions to this list.


  1. pro: having a high turnover, our HR is quite efficient in contracts and related paperwork.

    con: you are just a cog in a wheel, another teacher that will come and go, a temporary name plate on a door, a two-year blow of wind that can’t build relationships to students because they know you’ll be gone too soon…. someone who cares too much but no room to make a difference, slowly squelched from the energy zapping environment. If only there was a gesture of gratitude through pay for commitment, for being a guest in foreign country, and for sharing heart, soul, and passion in a godforsaken desert.

    please, please, please think twice. there are so many schools in the world


  2. What the heck is Local Telephone services provided? I have a phone on the wall that doesn’t work…it’s there for decoration only. What’s that about?


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