The Prophet’s Birthday

We here at American School of Kuwait Reviews spend a good bit of time criticizing your living and working conditions. Today, however, we feel a duty to point out why you should feel some gratitude for your situation. The intersection of American Thanksgiving and The Prophet’s Birthday provide an excellent opportunity for pensive reflection and an expression of thankfulness for the positive aspects of ASK and Kuwait.

You are all lucky to be employed in the State of Kuwait. Kuwait is a Muslim country that permits members of other faiths to come live and work. Further, Kuwait seeks out your talent to shape the academics and character of its young people. You have access to a rich culture all around you, not just in the immediate environment of Kuwait, but in those short flights to other pockets of culture in the region. We encourage you to take one day to tune out the negative experiences, sights, sounds, smells, and even some of your special colleagues and instead focus on the positive.

Retirement in Kuwait is not possible for most of you. Hopefully, the experiences you gain will inform your worldview, hone your teaching craft, and develop your educational philosophy and demeanor with children in the years and decades to come. For these rewards that will last a lifetime and affect literally thousands of young people and colleagues, we should be thankful.

Enjoy your long weekend – whether or not you were able to momentarily eject from Kuwait. Relax, reflect, let loose, try to have a little bit of fun. We wish that peace and success finds each of you soon.

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