MAP Data is Crashing. (And Happy Thanksgiving, Americans)

We recently made a post encouraging the school to publish its MAP testing data. Very soon after that post, we received some data from an anonymous e-mail.

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 17.20.54.png
Thank you for taking our advice and e-mailing us anonymously with Guerrilla Mail. We also blacked out the timestamp to ensure privacy.

The user did not send us the actual percentages of students achieving “high or average.” (Note – is anyone familiar enough with the MAP test to tell us how high you have to score to be average or high? Is it just a certain score, or does it depend on how other people do at your school, or on how other people in the whole world do? Some more clarity would be helpful. Comment below or send us an e-mail). The data just shows whether the percent of students meeting the goal is going up or going down, and how much. Here is the attachment that came with the message:

There is ONLY TWO rows that are positive for the combined year range: Language Grade 8, with a net change of positive 2% and Reading Grade 5, with a net change of positive 1%. Good job??


  1. What do they expect? You’ve got a counselor who is now principal, a science teacher whose now a counselor, last years “abusive and unqualified” math teacher now teaching computer classes etc etc etc. the list goes on, it’s ridiculous.


  2. We disagree with your assertion that a person is bad at their job because they previously did a different job. Many counselors may aspire to be principals and they should not be discouraged. Many science teachers may aspire to provide care and guidance as a counselor. They, likewise, should be encouraged. We hope that all faculty at ASK can realize their personal and professional goals.


  3. I agree, if that was the case. However, what we are currently seeing are roles changing not because of “I aspire to be” rather a vacancy that needs filling and in the case of the math teacher, such a poor job was done the previous year that the school had no choice but to remove her from math. A decision based on necessity, stemmed from low test grades, low student morale and parent frustrations.
    There’s even an article here, in ASK reviews, that interviews Wael and he states that it’s an American school so he believes it’s best to have American, English foreign educators. Take the owners belief on who should fill the position and add that to the schools struggle in filling positions. Here is where you start seeing those who don’t fall under the “aspire” category get mixed and matched.
    For those who aspire to fill new and exciting roles, I wish them all the best!


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