Comparing School Housing

For the past few weeks, American School of Kuwait Reviews has published several posts comparing other schools to ASK. Today is one part of the culmination of those posts. We at ASKR wanted to show you a comparison of where other schools in Kuwait are located in relation to their teacher housing.

We currently have information on the location of the Universal American School and the American Creativity Academy. UAS has one location and set of housing for their teachers, while ACA has a boys’ campus, girls’ campus, and a third campus in Salmiya. In addition, ACA has multiple locations for their teacher housing – they seem to strive to put you in the housing closest to the campus at which you work, but that seems like it is not always possible. Here is a map of the Hawalli and Salmiya areas showing the locations of these two schools and their teacher housing:

Hawally Map No ASK.jpg

You should notice that UAS has it’s housing directly across the street from its campus. ACA is a bit more spread out, but still contained within a small radius.

You have probably noticed that ASK was not included on the map, for obvious reasons. Below is a much larger map that adds ASK.

Kuwait Map 3 Schools

No analysis needed.

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