Teacher Housing at UAS

American School of Kuwait Reviews is continuing to shine a spotlight on the websites of other schools in Kuwait. Best recruiting practices involve transparency in the package that you offer teachers – many teachers currently at ASK tell us that the school is very opaque when communicating about their potential housing. We are told that administrators will refuse to share pictures, saying they can’t guarantee the apartment that a teacher will receive will look exactly the same as the apartment pictured. Perhaps administrators at ASK are scared that a teacher will end up in the annex and be extremely disappointed in the quality of their housing.

The Universal American School (UAS) advertises their staff housing on their website so that prospective candidates can clearly understand the living situation they will have should they accept a contract with UAS (link).

Someone shops at IKEA. A lot.
Those wardrobes look significantly sturdier and larger than the ones provided by ASK.



Note that the side of the building is not falling off.
Shaded seating area. No holes in the chairs. Nice.
They could at least provide an uglier colored curtain.
Are the areas outside an apartment supposed to be so well lit? We’re told its safer if most of the lights are broken.

The housing also seems to have a gym area:

Mr. Macho Man picked up his weights. And he did not hit anybody with his lanyard or call them inappropriate names. UAS would fire you for doing such things.
Equipment in good condition mode: ON
Mr. Beefcake left a weight on the floor. Better pick that up.
Excuses don’t fix broken equipment in the gym. (Hint: You need to spend actual money.)





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