Residency Permit + 3 Day Weekend=?

We hope that the new teachers have had time to settle into their lives in Kuwait. Now that it is the middle of November, you should have your residency permits. This means you can work on a driver’s license, secure a phone contract, and best of all: travel during the upcoming 3-day weekend. We’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate something positive, so:

Leave a comment below and tell us where you plan to travel or other things you look forward to doing now that you all have your residency.


  1. A lot of staff don’t have their passport. Disgraceful.

    For a few staff, this is the final straw, and they won’t be coming back after the Christmas holidays.


  2. You’ll wanna have your civil ID with you for all the Mahboula police checkpoints. There was an AIS teacher almost deported because of his missing civil ID. Remember that when ASK cancels your work permit a month before you actually stop working.


  3. There are several families spending Thanksgiving due to the passport diaster.

    Several mothers have had to take their children out of the country to renew the visitor visa, while the fathers remains in Kuwait.

    Whoever is in charge of that in ASK should be ashamed.


      1. — insufficient funds —

        There was a problem with this transaction. Please check the account balence and try again. Do more good, less bad.


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