Teacher Housing at ACA

The American Creativity Academy has campuses in different parts of Kuwait, including a girls’ campus just a block down the street from The American School of Kuwait. Their website advertises their teacher housing:

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 13.00.43.png

It seems that they have housing within walking distance of all of their campuses. And for couples where one spouse does not live near their campus, they also provide a bus. In addition to having housing in Hawally, the school provides TV and basic internet service, and arranges high speed internet service for you.

Most teachers in Kuwait would agree that ASK has a superior reputation to ACA. Why is it then that ACA can provide a superior housing experience to its teachers? It seems strange that school that charges lower tuition is able to offer a higher salary and housing in Hawally, which is substantially more expensive than housing in Mahboula. We wonder what ASK does with all of that extra money?


  1. I have been in ACA’s housing. Their furniture is old and their apartments are small. I wouldn’t say it’s superior to ASK’s housing but the walking distance from school is a big benefit.


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