Update on Readership (Nov. 15)

Normally we wait a minimum of one week to post updates on readership, but traffic has been extremely quick since we announced Nancy quitting before the school even let its teachers know about the situation. Combined with all of the days off due to our local weather patterns, there is a lot of important information going around and a lot of bored teachers looking for something to read. Here are weekly viewership statistics as of November 15:

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 20.17.23.png
Image updated on November 17. 4,000 visitors for the week of November 12 so far. It’s out busiest week ever.

We had a slow fall. It seems that the constant firing of employees coupled with administrators pulling a runner has piqued your interest back to the levels we were receiving in the spring. Individual device viewership is up as well.

We will do our best to continue updating you on situations in real time as they occur. Remember that you can send screenshots of administrative e-mails or any other information to us here.

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