ASK Administrators Keep Quitting

March 21, 2016: Tim Bikowski, in his first year as high school principal, quits by not returning to Kuwait from his Spring Break trip.

November 13, 2018: Nancy AbdulGhafoor quits her position as middle school principal just days before the first semester parent teacher conferences.

In less than 2.5 years, ASK has had two principals quit; leaving little to zero notice.

How do parents feel when their children have multiple teachers quit in the same year and the principal can’t even finish the school year?

If a teacher quit mid-year, certainly the school would have them black-listed with recruiting agencies?

How will accreditation committees view this high and sudden turnover of teachers and principals?

Consider Scott Dennison: Scott has a doctorate. Scott has been a teacher and administrator at ASK for well over a decade. Why is he in a back office doing paperwork and not being given the authority to run the school? Was it not announced that he was to be the superintendent after Becky? What happened?

How can the school justify giving the decision-making authority to Michael Murphy over someone as qualified as Scott Dennison?

There are many questions and much uncertainty and irrational decision making surrounding ASK at this time. Let us all hope, for the sake of students, that a return to certainty and rationalism is quickly forthcoming.


  1. I was at the GRC fair in Dubai and saw Mike buying drinks for recruits. It’s gotten so bad that Mike has to get people drunk to even consider coming to our school.


  2. Wow! Just wow! How can anyone think Michael Murphy is qualified to run the school is beyond me. Nancy leaving is a shame, no ones perfect but she was good at her job. As for Dr. Dennison, in the time I’ve been at ASK he has been the most qualified than anyone else out there.


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