Middle School Rumor

American School of Kuwait Reviews has received the same rumor from five different sources. We are unable to confirm that this rumor is true, but after receiving the same information from such a large number of people, we have decided to report the information. We are told that this news is supposed to be reported tomorrow, but again, we want to caution that this information may be false.

We have been told that on last Thursday, the middle school principal resigned, effective immediately. If true, this would be devastating news for all stakeholders in the ASK community. While we do not agree with many administrative decisions, continuity of administration is essential to running a school. A sudden mid-year departure this late in a school’s accreditation cycle will be difficult to overcome.

Will this be on the ASK website tomorrow?

According to the ASK website, the middle school principal has been a member of the ASK community for the past 15 years – as an alumna, teacher, counselor, and now principal. We agree that while we did not always agree with how she ran the school, we thought her intentions and heart were in the right place and she was a true advocate for both students and faculty alike. We believe that she wanted and worked for the best possible ASK.

It is likely that either the current assistant principal, Justin Hazel, or the current intern assistant principal, Kristi Fowler, will be promoted to Middle School Principal. Two sources tell us that it will be Mrs. Fowler, but again, we cannot confirm the veracity of these reports. We agree that Mrs. Fowler is a hard-working educator who will be a positive influence on the school.

In the end, frankly, we hope that these rumors are not true. But if so, we hope that the school is able to quickly resume normal business and get back to the job of educating students with as little disruption as possible.

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