An Update on Readership

Dear readers of American School of Kuwait Reviews,

We have some heartening news. Some analytics have shown that ASK administration is paying attention to and reading our blog. We noticed last week a sharp increase in traffic from Greece (almost usually 0 visits per day, except on holidays). In tandem, we noticed a drop in traffic from Kuwait.


We know that several members of ASK administration traveled to Greece on those days from photographs they shared on social media:



It seems that we can confirm that Nancy AbdulGhafoor (MS Principal), Michael Murphy (Assistant Superintendent), Steve Caley (ES Principal), and Nael Attya (CFO?) attended the trip, so at least some group of these people are actively reading our posts on what seems to be an every day basis. We have confidence that through their reading, they will continue to strive to improve the atmosphere at ASK. Thank you for reading.

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