Another Math Teacher is Gone

This week was an interesting one – we here at American School of Kuwait Reviews are getting to the point that we can tell when a major event happens at ASK before anybody actually tells us about it. Recently we noticed a 250% spike in traffic. Several hours after the spike, we found out from several sources that a math teacher had quit. This was apparently a math teacher who had replaced one of the math teachers that was fired. We’re sure that parents are quite unhappy about having their children in classes with a merry-go-round of teachers. We’re also sure that there are teachers that are vastly overworked covering for all of the open positions that have existed this year. To that end, we would like to reiterate some advice we have provided in previous articles:

  • Work to increase faculty morale. (By the way, throwing a party with some homemade beer doesn’t really cut it here.) Administrators need to consistently approach faculty in a way that builds trust and positive ‘vibes.’ This seems to be a stark failure for many members of the current administration.
  • Increase pay. Simply put, ASK does not pay enough to recruit good, qualified, or experienced (or any combination of those three) to come to Kuwait and want to stay.
  • Figure out a better plan regarding teacher housing and school start times. The delayed start time can be great for students, but it seems to have been horrible for faculty morale. The easiest plan is the most expensive – house teachers closer to school. Did you know that teachers at AIS walk to work.


  1. I remember a time when housing was a five minute walk from school. That was decades ago. Then it moved across the street into NICER housing. That was decades ago. Then it moved south and got hellish…and there you go…


  2. AIS rent out those apartments and have no control over the building it self. ASK owns those buildings where other schools cant afford to do so; but at the same time properties this large is hawalli would be impossible to afford. Moreover, an entire two buildings dedicated only to the staff is a lot better then renting unorganized apartment here and there for hundreds of teachers.


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