Month: October 2018


Update on readership (October 22, 2018)

After a slow summer, readership is back up. We are approaching 24,000 views as of the writing of this post. We have had over 3,600 unique devices visit the site from a variety of countries. Obviously, most of our visitors are from Kuwait, but we have readers on every continent and we seem to add visitors from new countries every day.

In fact, just yesterday, we had 45 visits from Greece, a country from which we have not previously had traffic.

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We look forward to continuing to provide news and information about the goings-on at the American School of Kuwait, and thank you for reading our posts.


3 Teachers Out Already

Several sources have contacted us and indicated that three teachers are out already. The details differ a bit – one tells us that one teacher was fired and two quit, while another tells us that two were fired and one quit. Either way, we can confirm that three are gone. Two of these teachers are from the high school math department, which you may remember had not hired all of its positions for the year.

This means that the HS Math department is three teachers short. We here at The American School of Kuwait Reviews are very curious as to how all of those classes are being covered, since our sources tell us that the HS Math Department has had unfilled vacancies for several years in a row and that many of the teachers that are left in the department are being asked to cover a large amount of the slack, leaving them little planning time.

We have heard from one parent expressing extreme displeasure that their student doesn’t have a math teacher currently. We would love to hear from more stakeholders about that current situation. Let’s hope that ASK can find some people to plug the holes, or they are going to have to get crazy and have their history teachers start teaching math.


Survey 6 – Results

Survey 6 asked current ASK teachers for their thoughts on the new start times, and the results are in. The questions asked you to rate your feelings about the start times on a scale from 1 (Hate) to 5 (Love). While no teachers responded with 5, we did receive two responses of 4 and one response of 3. Five respondents rated the start times a 2 and seven ranked at a 1. If the new start times had a rating on Amazon, it would look like this:

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 14.14.58

There was the option to leave a message, but only one respondent did so. They stated:

“To get into school at a reasonable hour, we have to leave Mahboula at 6.00am. We often won’t get home until past 4.00pm. We barely see our children. I suspect quite a few people won’t be coming back after Winter Break.”

Thank you to all those who participated in the survey – we hope you will continue to participate, read, and comment.