Parking Laws

It looks like Kuwait is ready to start enforcing even more parking rules – read carefully so that you don’t lose your plate and have to collect it from the police station while paying a hefty fine.

Parking in street level designated parking is acceptable, but otherwise, buildings with basement parking are required to use it. Kuwait is set to begin fining building owners that are not using their basement parking for actual parking. Other fines will be levied for having apartments on basement levels, which is also not permitted. Cars parked illegally will have their plates removed – you can collect your plate at the local police station and pay a fine.

It’s a good thing that there are two large parking areas underground at the Dunes. Good luck, everybody.

News and information on how to sue your landlor if they do not permit you to park in your building’s basement-level parking:


  1. Parking in the lot at school is gonna be tight too. Have you seen the new landscaping? How do they safely get all the buses crammed in there?


  2. ASK tends to follow the laws that don’t negatively affect its profit margin. Wael isn’t going to open up the downstairs garage below the Dunes. Remember a few years ago when some new mothers wanted time off for nursing? Apparently Kuwait law allows two hours a day, and Becky was against allowing these teachers to do it. Of course, there’s also a law that says a company is supposed to provide childcare facilities when it employs 50 or more women…and you can probably guess how that’s working out…


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