New Start Times!

We are happy to announce a positive change at the American School of Kuwait: A later start time. See the letter from Wael A. Abdul Ghafoor, Chairman / CEO, below:

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 15.17.31.png

It is well documented that later start times at school lead to both an increase and performance and students getting more sleep. While many teachers tend to be cynical and think that their students will just stay up later, the research shows this is not the case for a vast majority of students. Below are some links for you to get more information:

Late Start Times Really Do Improve Sleep Time – Science Daily

Later School Start Times – National Sleep Foundation

Some teachers have contacted us and said that, because the teacher housing is so far away in Mahboula, combined with the very bad traffic around school, they are only getting to leave 5-15 minutes later in order to take a trip that takes 20 minutes longer at that time. Many of the school’s students live in neighborhoods close to the school and are less affected by the traffic on Highway 30 – we hope these teachers will see the benefits that students receive from this and support the change with positive attitudes. Remember – you can choose how you feel – don’t be an energy vampire.

energy vampire.jpg

Kudos to the school for being able to make what was certainly a difficult decision, but one that will benefit all of their students for a very long time. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below – (remember – comments are anonymous).


  1. Nobody likes the new start times. Parents, kids, admin and teachers all hate the new hours.

    It seems the only person who thinks they’re a good thing is Mike


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