ASK Still Has Unfilled Vacancies (Updated)

(Update below original post.)

The current openings, as of August 6, are as follows:

Openings Aug 6

Two positions being left open in one department is not a good sign. Perhaps for math they’ll just have 45 or 50 kids in each class. If The American School of Kuwait continues to incur difficulty finding teachers willing to work there, then maybe they will have to consider increasing either pay or quality of life (or both) for their faculty.


UPDATE: Some people have sent us screen shots of current postings on Search Associates. ASK also has a vacancy for a chorus teacher. We are told that there was a chorus teacher but they have backed out of their contract (Official “Summer Runner” Count: 1). In addition, it seems there are not two, but three math vacancies. We haven’t been able to confirm when the third vacancy occurred so we do not know if a math teacher from last year was fired or if they quit, but its looking like 60-70 kids per math class may be closer to reality. We are sure that the math teachers that ASK hires in August will be top notch professionals (sarcasm). The odds are that they will be employed illegally and paid cash under the table with no health benefits. Let’s hope that they like making tourist visa runs every few months.


  1. Maybe if Mike would

    1) support his math teachers (or any of the teachers that students file a lawsuit against) and
    2) not fire other teachers before thinking about who might replace them,

    then this would not be an issue for ASK.


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