Checking ISR reviews for the American School of Kuwait reveals that a few new ISR reviews have posted for Michael Murphy. Michael was previously the High School Principal, though he is scheduled to move into a new role next year. We have one of the reviews below:

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 14.05.42

Some additional comments were left:

Mike is a good ‘ol average guy that, at an expedient pace, has found himself in assistant principal, principal, and apparently soon, superintendent positions. Rather than distinguished professional performance, I believe the uncanny situation is an indication of American School of Kuwait’s desperation to stay alive. Mike’s leadership does improves with each passing year of experience. He seems most comfortable fraternizing with students and I find is awkwardly cold with his faculty. In my opinion, engaging authentically with faculty with authenticity and genuinely nurturing staff morale is his kryptonite. But I think, for ASK to stay afloat, the school will need a proper credentialed, experienced superintendent to intervene and save the day.

We find it interesting that the reviewer only gave one “Good” check, and that was for strong ability to relate to kids. The reviewer then went on to describe this as a weakness in their comments. We’ll post some other administrator reviews, both old and new, over the course of the next few weeks.

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