International Schools Review

International Schools Review (ISR) is an invaluable resource. We have previously previewed some of their articles (link), but we have had many teachers contact us to ask what we thought of particular reviews – either general reviews or reviews or particular administrators. Some administrators have more reviews than others. We at the American School of Kuwait Reviews feel like ISR is a much more valuable resource when a large number of reviews are available from multiple viewpoints, showing both positive and negative aspects of a school or administrator.

We want to take this time to encourage all teachers that are leaving ASK to complete a review. Rather than leaving a school review first, though, we ask you to first leave reviews of your administrators. We ask this because many administrators lack a significant number of reviews.

Posting to ISR is free.

Posting to ISR does not require that you sign up for an account.

You can submit a director-level review to ISR here.

You ca submit a review of other administrators here.

You can submit a school review to ISR here.

The image below shows the current state of administrator reviews:

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 19.26.40

Let’s show a breakdown only with current administrators. We will break down the reviews into groups. First, the school-wide superintendent and director positions:


Title # of Reviews

Wael Abdul Ghafoor

Chairman and CEO 1

Becky Ness

Superintendent 0

Scott Dennison

Superintendent of Learning


Phillip Parkinson Activities and Athletics Director


Abhay Dhanak Director of Technology


It seems incredible that the Superintendent of the school has no reviews. Now, let’s move on to the high school:


Title # of Reviews

Michael Murphy

High School Principal


Monique Livesy

High School Assistant Principal 0
Justin Hazel High School Assistant Principal


The assistant principals are both in their first year, so we expect to see some reviews show up soon. Michael Murphy has been in his position for a few years now, though, so we encourage past faculty and current faculty that are leaving this year to leave a review. Now, we move on to the middle school:


Title # of Reviews

Nancy Abdul Ghafor

Middle School Principal 1
Tim Allen Middle School Assistant Principal


Note – we spelled the names using the spelling from ISR – we are not sure that they are correct. The middle school administration has also been around awhile, so we hope past and current faculty will leave reviews. Remember, many people only leave reviews when they are unhappy. For the reviews on this site to be valuable, they need to reflect all different perspectives – it is possible for these to also show someone in a positive light. This could potentially boost their prospects when they recruit in the future as well. If you asked these people to leave reviews for you, then it is basically a professional courtesy to do the same for them. Let’s move on to the elementary school:


Title # of Reviews

Steve Caley

Elementary School Principal 1
Pauline Roberts Elementary School Assistant Principal


Ana Allen

Elementary School Assistant Principal


The elementary school principal has been around quite awhile, occupying a director level position that no longer exists before he became principal, so it is quite surprising to see that he only has one review.

In summary, we implore you to leave reviews of all of your administrators, whether the review be positive, negative, or mixed. We also hope that you will leave a full review of the school. Remember that the school is currently recruiting for about 6 teaching positions, so your timely reviews could possibly influence whether someone can make an informed decision about accepting a contract at ASK.

This is our last big post before summer vacation. We do not intend to post during the summer unless we receive news that is substantial enough to warrant doing so. We will post a few smaller pieces tomorrow to celebrate the last day of school and then the freedom flight (Qantas – Going Places Together – as long as those places aren’t an extended stopover in Europe). We look forward to posting much more when the 2018-2019 school year commences. In the meantime, we hope that all of you have a relaxing, and enjoyable summer.

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