Falsified Accreditation Reports

We have spoken with multiple members of the Collaborative Learning Committee from the 2016-2017 school year, and all have confirmed that the end-of-year report for this committee is largely false.

The committee did not meet after the initial meeting at the beginning of the year, but the chair of the committee still submitted a full report indicating that the committee not only met continuously throughout the year but that it accomplished several targets. One former committee member (from 2017-2018) reached out to us and we have confirmed the veracity of this information with two others.

We would like to see a copy of the report and to publish it on this post. If you have it, then please send it to us.

The 2017-2018 End of Year Reports were delivered on Monday May 28. Please send us copies of the reports. If you know of any falsified information, then please point it out.

How many other reports, sets of meeting minutes and dates, or other documents has the school created with intentionally false information? Please reach out to us if you can provide information about other similar behavior.

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