Finding a better job (Advice from a labor attorney)

Today’s edition of the Kuwait Times includes a piece by Fajer Ahmed (e-mail), a labor attorney in Kuwait. In summary, the post offers a comparison of the practices of companies in the GCC versus companies in western countries. She suggests that there are many companies that do not follow Kuwait labor law, but that employees don’t often know how to challenge their company.

We know that ASK has had to be pushed quite hard in the past to follow labor laws properly. Some of these include:

  • Not paying the full indemnity (or any at all) of departing teachers
  • Trying to prevent teachers from moving to another school in Kuwait. They’ve been a little better about this recently, but they still stipulate in their contracts that this is forbidden, even though the practice of prohibiting transfer is illegal in Kuwait.
  • Several new moms had to push ASK to be allowed time during their day to pump milk for their babies after returning to work.

If you know of other labor law transgressions at ASK, send them to us here.

To read the full article on the Kuwait times, click here.

Fajer Ahmed is also a regular contributor on labor law in the blog Click here to see a list of all of her articles on that site.

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  1. Isn’t the temporary tourist visas labor law violations? ASK is quite sophisticated in the operation.


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